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The largest city in the southeastern United States, Miami has long been subject to a range of unique forces—natural, political, and cultural—which have brought both booms and devastating busts. Despite setbacks, however, Miami has become a dynamic and broadly American city that mixes the historically Anglo-dominated North and the Latin South, vividly presenting many characteristics of today's United States: cosmopolitanism, an ever- shifting balance between public and private interests, economic volatility, and environmental tightrope walking.

When it comes to architecture, something is definitely happening in Miami. Not only is real estate and development booming, but recently, significant civic projects have demonstrated a potentially serious public/private commitment to infuse the commons with design and the arts, as seen in the Wynwood Art District and Art Basel Miami. Miami invented a strand of mid- century Modernism, epitomized the design aesthetic of the 1980s, hosted the major intellectual center of the New Urbanism movement, and is now providing opportunities to a new (and hungry) crop of international architects in projects like the Miami Beach Convention Center, Coconut Grove, the New World Center, One Thousand Museum Tower, the Pérez Art Museum Miami, 1111 Lincoln Road, and more.

This issue presents the beginning of a critical discussion on contemporary architecture in a city with a short but vibrant past and exciting future—Miami.


Juan Alayo, Lucas Alperi, Malik S. Benjamin, BLD, Rose Bonner, Jacob Brillhart and Melissa Brillhart, Archie Lee Coates IV, D.C. Copeland, Adib Curé and Carie Penabad, Andrés Duany, Eric Firley, Raymond Fort, Jeffrey Franklin, Nick Gelpi, Erik William Herrmann and Ashley Bigham, Julia van den Hout, Andrew Kenney, Greg Kristo, Cathy Leff, Stephanie Lee, Jean-Francois Lejeune, Thomas Lozada, Jennifer Ly, Bernadette Ma, Kyle May, Sean McCaughan, Deirdre McDermott and Nicholas McDermott, Mariana Mogilevich, Chad Oppenheim, Laura Raskin, Jacob Reidel, David Rifkind, Terence Riley, Sam Roche, Daniel Rojo, Allan Shulman, Rachel Meade Smith, John Stuart, Joey Swerdlin, Anna Lizzette Tion, Katherine J. Wheeler, Anthony Yue and Zooburbia


English, 2014
144 Pages
Full Color Cover & Text
Type: GT Walsheim, Noël Leu for Grilli Type
38" Perforated Fold-Out
45 Illustrations
Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
ISBN 978-0-9838204-8-2

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