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Over two billion people across the world use the Internet regularly. Every second, 2.8 million emails are sent, 30,000 phrases are Googled, and 600 updates are tweeted. While being absorbed into this virtual world, most rarely consider the physical ramifications of this data. All over the world, data centers are becoming integral components of our twenty-first century infrastructure. These facilities can range from small portable modules to massive warehouses full of servers, from sleek new constructions to the reuse of existing infrastructures.

CLOG : DATA SPACE examines with the significance of this bridge between the virtual and the physical. With over 35 contributions, CLOG explores how this new typology affects the discourse of architecture and the shaping of our built environment.


Nicholas F. Arthurell, Luiz André Barroso, David Basulto, Matthew Bindner, Andrew Blum, Clay Coffey, Margot Connor, Gary Cook, Stefano Corbo, Damien Correll, Ryan Donaghy, Keller Easterling, Barbara Eldredge, Obinna Elechi, Stephen Graham, Hanny Hindi, Urs Holzle, Julia van den Hout, Karlssonwilker, Corbin Keech, Andrew Kenney, Youbeen Kim, Joseph Lauro, Jonathan Liebenau, Nancy Lin, Thomas Lozada, Kayla Martell, Alessandro Martinelli, Shannon Mattern, Kyle May, Nicholas McDermott, Nathan Rich, Benjamin Smoot, Ed Ogosta, The Office of PlayLab, Inc., Jacob Reidel, Noam Shoked, Robert Sumrell, Amy Swift, Kazys Varnelis, Carlos Velez and Human Wu.


English, 2012
136 Pages
70 Black & White Illustrations
Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
ISBN 978-0-9838204-1-3

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