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In June 2011, Steve Jobs presented Apple Campus 2 to the City Council in Cupertino, CA. Due to Apple's high profile and the scale and iconic nature of Foster + Partners' design, the online reaction to the circular new headquarters was immediate and strong. While Apple has been constructing retail stores throughout the world for over a decade and has pioneered innovative building technologies, discussion, even among architects, has typically focused on the company's famed product design. With one of the largest American office projects in history underway in Cupertino, CLOG : APPLE introduces the first comprehensive discussion of Apple's architecture.

CLOG : APPLE showcases over 50 international contributors, including architects, designers, cartoonists, comedians, engineers and other industry leaders. Highlights include an examination of Steve Jobs's Eichler-designed childhood home; the evolution of Apple's store designs; its leading role in innovative glass engineering; the symbolism and urban implications of the new Cupertino headquarters design; reactions to Apple Campus 2 by notable architects and critics; and an interview with one of Apple Computer's original three founders, Ronald Wayne.


Sylvia Lavin (UCLA), Jeffrey Johnson (SLAB Architecture), Aaron Betsky (Cincinnati Art Museum), Eric Owen Moss (Eric Owen Moss Architects), Mark Goulthorpe (dECOi), Paul Goldberger (The New Yorker), J. Mayer H. (J. Mayer H. Architects), Neil M. Denari (Neil M. Denari Architects), Massimiliano Fuksas (Massimiliano Fuksas Architetto), Michael Sorkin (Michael Sorkin Studio), Sanford Kwinter (Harvard University), Florian Idenburg and Jing Liu (SO-IL), John McMorrough (University of Michigan), Michael Arad (Handel Architects), Mark Wigley (Columbia University), Jacob van Rijs (MVRDV), Alejandro Zaera-Polo (Alejandro Zaera-Polo Architecture), John May (FirstOffice), Nader Tehrani (NADAAA), Joshua Prince-Ramus (RE X), Junya Ishigami (junya.ishigami+associates), Michael Meredith & Hilary Sample (MOS), Michael Speaks (University of Kentucky), Dietrich Neumann (Brown University), Adam Hayes & Mark Kroeckel (Openshop|Studio), James S. Polshek (Ennead Architects), Michael Abrahamson, Paul Adamson, Gary Allen, Collin Anderson, Haik Avanian, Rachel Berger, Freek Bos, Gabrielle Brainard, Tom Brooksbank, Keith Burns, Marcus Carter, Haiko Cornelissen, Philippine d'Avout D'Auerstaedt, Erandi de Silva, Kevin Erickson, Matthew J. Giordano, Hanny Hindi, Julia van den Hout, Allyn Hughes, Axel Kilian, Klaus, Austin Kotting, Michael Kubo, Jimenez Lai, Nicholas Leahy, Christopher Lee, Frank Lesser, Michael Ludvik, Luis Miguel Lus-Arana, Kyle May, Adam Nathaniel Mayer, Nicholas McDermott, Mark McKenna, Samuel Medina, Louise A. Mozingo, Rob Nijsse, The Office of PlayLab, Inc., Glenn Phillips, Graffitilab, Nina Rappaport, Jacob Reidel, Erin M. Routson, Mika Savela, Chris Shelley, Noam Shoked, Mike Treff, Kazys Varnelis, Ronald Wayne, and Human Wu.


English, 2011
152 Pages
40 Black & White Illustrations
Softcover, 5.5 x 8.5 in.
ISBN 978-0-9838204-2-0

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