CLOG at Syracuse University School
of Architecture’s New York City program

As part of Syracuse University School of Architecture’s New York City program, led by Vincent Appel, CLOG lectured and taught a workshop to fourth year undergraduate and first year graduate architecture students in February. Taking as a topic the focus of their studio project, students submitted short contributions to a mock CLOG : HEADQUARTERS issue.  

The sixteen contributions explored the branding of corporate headquarters; the decentralization of headquarters; the evolution of office plans; the relation between corporate, commercial, religious and military headquarters; and the future of headquarters, among others. CLOG editors reviewed all student submissions in an open discussion with the class, during a visit to the New York City offices of R/GA.

Students and their selected topics:

Isoke Craig

Jesse Ganes
Chase Irvin
Hiu Man Law

Victoria Lee
Yuxiang Luo

Marisa Nemcik
Benjamin Oppenheim

Marco Piscitelli

Franklin Romero Jr
Alanna Rosenblatt

Emily Ruopp
Andrew Scalisi

Zara Tillen

Brandon Wagner
Daya Zhang

Religious headquarters vs. military headquarters
Headquarters growth patterns
Collective open space in office design
Branding of commercial headquarters, such as McDonald’s
Knowledge spillover
Headquarter branding as alternative to the duck and decorated shed
Corporate transparency
Military headquarters in 1776 vs. sprawling headquarters today
Building identity in the Pan Am and Metlife Building
Apple Campus 2 as a cenotaph
Typology of Capitol buildings in the United States
Evolution of office layouts
Growth of headquarters into self-sustaining communities
Headquarters branding as a reflection of company values
Decentralized headquarters
Privately owned public space in headquarters