CLOG at the Museum of Arts and Design's, After The Museum

On Saturday, March 16, CLOG was invited to be part of the Museum of Arts and Design’s The Home Front 2013 design program, After The Museum, curated by Jake Yuzna and Dan Rubinstein.

The premise of the afternoon exhibit was a live-action mock-CLOG, on the topic of the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) itself. CLOG set up an office for the first half of the afternoon, engaging museum visitors to discuss their impressions of MAD – its architecture, its exhibits, and its history. All of these interviews were then compiled into a CLOG print format. During the second half of the afternoon, CLOG had a casual conversation with museum patrons; the conversation featured three guest speakers: Sean Khorsandi, Gideon Fink Shapiro, and Addison Godel, contributors to the latest issue, CLOG : Brutalism.

The link between MAD and Brutalism is exemplified in the preservation crisis of Brutalist buildings, and the controversy surrounding the renovation of the Edward Durell Stone building at 2 Columbus Circle by Allied Works Architecture. Other key topics of the discussion focused on the link between a museum’s identity and its building; Whitney Museum of American Art and the American Folk Art Museum were cited as examples in this debate. The conversation ended with a thorough discussion of Brutalism’s definition, the role of taste in preservation.

Thank you to the Museum of Art and Design, Jake Yuzna, Dan Rubinstein, our guest speakers, and all who participated and engaged our efforts.