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New York, December 1, 2011
CLOG Announces Call for Submissions for CLOG:DATA SPACE (May 2012)
Over 2 billion people across the world use the Internet regularly. Every second, 2.8 million emails are sent, 30,000 phrases are Googled, and 600 updates are tweeted. While being absorbed into this virtual world, most rarely consider the physical ramifications of this data. All over the world, data centers are becoming integral components of our 21st century infrastructure. These facilities can range from small portable modules to massive warehouses full of servers, from sleek new constructions to reuse of existing infrastructures. What is the significance of this bridge between the virtual and the physical? How does this new typology affect the discourse of architecture and the shaping of our built environment? As cloud storage and global internet usage increase, it's finally time to talk about the physical space of data.

Submissions due by January 9 to submissions@clog-online.com. Submission information here.
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