After fourteen issues in its current format, CLOG is changing course. In celebration, CLOG is holding a one-time, fourteen day sale, after which the fourteen issues published to date will no longer be available for purchase through CLOG's website.

The sale will run from Friday, Nov. 27th until Thursday, Dec 10th, culminating in a holiday party on Friday December 11th in New York at XXXI Gallery located at 411 E 9th Street. Throughout the fourteen day sale, each in-print issue will be $15, and one copy of each out-of-print issue will be available by raffle. Raffle tickets are $5 and can be purchased all fourteen days of the sale. The out-of-print issues will be signed by the editors of CLOG. Raffle winners will be announced (and their books sent) on December 11th.

We'd like to thank all of our contributors and supporters who have made these fourteen issues possible. We look forward to announcing CLOG's new direction on December 11th, and the first call for submissions on January 1st, 2016.